New Knowledge Contemporary Aesthetics of Sciences and the Dirge of the Withering Scholar

Monday, 16 July 2018: 15:30
Oral Presentation
Dirk MICHEL-SCHERTGES, Aarhus University, Faculty of Arts, DPU, Denmark
True scholarship and the institutionalization of science was never a veritable symbiosis. Scientific socialization always exposed itself to suspicion of mutual arrangement with the ruling order, whilst being continuously transmitted via the consolidation of the dominating spirit and its organizational manifestations. Avoiding the trap of romanticizing scholarship, the question of scholarly autonomy and intellectual work concerning the progression of thought is at the core of interest.
Thus, it is crucial to get an understanding how contemporary scientific and/or intellectual work appears today. By exemplifying “new knowledge”, that is, the contextualization of the mechanisms of the work of science in the age of its new technological reproducibility and the identification of its societal position the aim of the paper is to identify the constellations of the alienated mind and its condition of development. Academic world-wide competition, scientific mass-production, the economization of the University as well as the prioritization of the production process are indicators of the withering of unauthorized thought. The aesthetic constellation of digitilized science and the academic as entrepreneur (re-)producing “new knowledge” can be understood as allegory to the modern alienated mind: creative, flexible, adaptable and arbritrary.
The trained academic has replaced the scholar. Notwithstanding, the academic as entrepreneur is both exposed to the rules of the “free-market” and socio-historical legatimized by the “aura” of the scholar.