Women As Teachers and Researchers : Which Strategies to Stay in the Race ?

Wednesday, 18 July 2018
Distributed Paper
Sophie DEVINEAU, University of Rouen - Dysolab, France
François FÉLIU, University of Rouen - Dysolab, France
Camille COUVRY, University of Rouen - Dysolab, France
Ten years after the implementation of the law « Loi Responsabilité Universités » (2007), the report is the one of the deep reorganization of the higher education and the risk of an increasing of the activities for the teachers- researchers (Musselin, 2008).

In this new model of the work in the higher education, it is the time witch appears as the rarest element and which everyone seem to run after. A difficulty which is doubled in the case of the women, in particularly when it is about young women mothers of very young children (Azizi, 2014). They confront with the dilemma to choose between formation and research works.

The study analyses the working conditions for the women teachers-researchers in France, and focus the way they find a balance and not give up the career. We analyses, moreover, how they organize their time between work and family and how that produces dissatisfaction, mostly for women researchers, and how that impacts their career.

The methodology favors the joint of quantitative and qualitative approaches through the exploitation of 1409 questionnaires from a national investigation and through biographic narratives.