Local Ambition, Global Action: Qatari Foreign Aid

Tuesday, 17 July 2018
Hasan MAHMUD, Northwestern University in Qatar, Qatar
Qatar has taken a lead in boasting foreign aid despite tremendous skepticism about aid nowadays. With the rapid growth in foreign aid over $2 billions in 2015, Qatar has surpassed many of the traditional donor countries, and thereby, left its mark in the global field of international development and humanitarian activism. This study explores the structure and function of Qatari Foreign Aid. Focusing on two cases of Qatari foreign aid to Japan and Comoros, this study compares Qatari foreign aid with those of the traditional donor countries and recognizes its uniqueness. By focusing on Qatari foreign aid towards Developed countries like Japan and the US, it finds cultural exchange as well as humanitarianism to the list of motivations of the donor countries in sending foreign aid. It concludes by making comments on how Qatar approaches foreign aid as a way of enhancing its national image of a global actor while helping those in need of support regardless of their position in the world.