Depression Among Men and Masculinity – First Results from the Mende Study

Monday, 16 July 2018: 16:15
Oral Presentation
Silvia KRUMM, Ulm University, Germany
Reinhold KILIAN, Ulm University, Germany
Harald GUENDEL, Ulm University, Germany
Petra BESCHONER, Ulm University, Germany
Maja STIAWA, Department of Psychiatry II, Ludwig-Heilmeyer-Str. 2, 89312 Günzburg, Germany, Germany
Felicitas SOEHNER, Ulm University, Germany
Anabell MUELLER-STIERLIN, Ulm University, Germany
Prevalence rates of depression are higher in females than in males although men have much higher suicide rates. According to the concept of ‘male depression’, men may differ from women in regard to depression symptoms and coping. However, little is known about male mental health behavior, service needs, coping strategies in the context of discourses of masculinity and/or depression. Furthermore, there is a lack of knowledge on how men´s specific needs are addressed and/or met within mental health settings. The mixed-method-study MenDe aims at a comprehensive analysis of men´s masculinity constructions and consequences for their mental health behavior by identification of subgroups of depressed men with regard to masculinity constructions, job involvement, stigmatization and social factors. Subsequent in-depths interviews provide insight into men’s mental health behavior. In addition, semi-structured interviews will be conducted with mental health professionals to understand their views and attitudes towards depressed men and their service needs. Background and study design as well as preliminary results will be presented.

Silvia Krumm, Reinhold, Kilian, Harald Gündel, Petra Beschoner, Thomas Becker, Felicitas Söhner, Maja Stiawa, Annabel Müller-Stierlin, Elisa Sittenberger, Lea Reichhardt, Maria Panzirsch, Amanda Horn