Demands for Justice in a Rural Community

Saturday, 21 July 2018: 08:45
Oral Presentation
Shirley NUSS, Nuss & Asssociates, USA
With focus on the demands for justice in a rural community with a population of ten thousand, this discussion features multiple demands made of public officials with responsibility for legal protection of the rights of citizens to their property and security. It highlights the failure of elected officials, local attorneys and law enforcement to respond to the articulated demands of an elderly woman for justice in an environment increasingly dominated by large landowners describing themselves as ‘the landed gentry’. Documenting the demands for justice between 2013 and 2017 exposes a corrupt system for denying justice to anyone with the courage to demand it in an environment where most citizens are afraid to do so.

Beginning with a bulldozing operation without warning, followed by abuse and threats from law enforcement and legal maneuvers designed by attorneys to force sale of family property to expand the land holdings of ‘the landed gentry’. These are influenced and supported by false reports from law enforcement which provide the legal foundation for elimination of anyone who resists the objectives of ‘the landed gentry’. It discusses responses to this bulldozing operation and never-ending complaint process required for exposing the corruption network embracing attorneys and law enforcement for influencing judicial decisions and abuses.

The ‘watchdogs’ at the local, county and state levels simply dismiss demands for justice, whereby complaints are either ignored or responses so abusive with the intention of intimidating heightened demands for a democratic process supportive of justice. In a corrupt system of justice embracing local officials, law enforcement, attorneys and judges, documents show this ‘landed gentry’ threatens the livelihood and elimination of anyone demanding justice.