Social Power and Discipline inside Professional Legitimacy

Monday, 16 July 2018: 18:30
Oral Presentation
Gilles VERPRAET, University Paris OUest Nanterre, France
The distinctive forms of social legitimacy are framed between the work discipline (Beruf and the networks of influence. This analysis of the social power of professions (Harendt) was developed by Courpasson on the examination of the banking professions and their capacity for domination (influence, disciplinary consent). This differentiation of forms of legitimacy can also be applied to the professions of the digital economy and to the managerial professions by their capacity to collect and to capitalize on the extended chains of added value services ' For Courpasson, domination comes from a combination between influence power and discipline. Case studies can be developed on bank, insurance, management.

Sociological analysis should not forget the professions whose influence and domination fall under other sociological schemes, The status of bureaucratic professions was formed between domination of public standards and office disciplines. We take account on the contemporary uncertainties of professional qualification reinforced by these new forms of social influence and domination, considering the extension of the middle classes superichs (Piketty). New forms of division of labor can be envisioned between professions with influence and professions with discipline, in computer work (networking v data center) and their consequences on the wages valorization. The discipline of work process can also be externalized towards the client (co working). We may question the role of the managers on their capacities to organize network of influence, management standards and work discipline.