Sociology of Philosophy Versus Sociological Philosophy: Differences, Similarities, and Potentialities for Alliance.

Monday, 16 July 2018
Distributed Paper
Turkan FIRINCI ORMAN, Baskent University, Turkey
This paper aims to compare two subdivisions of sociology, sociology of philosophy and sociological philosophy in terms of their basic assumptions, problem areas, and theoretical positions. In the first part, sociology of philosophy is debated based on its strengths and its close relation to the history of philosophy. Especially, as an undisputed pioneer of the field, Collins’ work is being reviewed. In the second part, Chernilo’s project of a new idea of the philosophical sociology is debated by referring to the main discussion on normativity and humanity, highlighting its potential to reflect on the future of philosophy. Thus, in the concluding part, it is stressed that both subdivisions have substantial contributions to the sociology of knowledge but they have quite different positions: sociology of philosophy takes a historical position while philosophical sociology is more like futuristic in its attempts.