Catching up with the Times: Research Designs for Transnational Movements

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 16:15
Oral Presentation
Helena FLAM, University of Leipzig, Germany
Social movement research has relatively recently turned its attention to transnational movements. Much social movement research still suffers from methodological localism and nationalism. In my talk I would like to present a few designs for a study of transnational movements that go beyond discourse import-export analysis, ethnographic reports on or on-the-spot surveys of participants at international fora or describing transnational movement coalitions without explaining how they came about. Newer designs build on such concepts as governance regimes, explore the contribution of earlier mobilizations to institutions calling for transnational movement (expertise) mobilization, inspect the causes of regional domino effects, etc. etc. I would also like to suggest that it is about time to study local, national and transnational mobilization of various professional groups, such as doctors, journalists or lawyers – and show how one could go about it. It is my thesis that that not just the sociology of professions but also social movement research has failed to take note both of their various mobilization forms and their importance in contemporary world.