Complex Relationship of Digitalization and Societial Innovation in Disaster DATA

Monday, 16 July 2018: 17:45
Oral Presentation
Recent methodological discussions are mainly on institutionalized data mechanisms and the necessity of seeking new ways of data deriving and usage processes in research centers; complexity and ethical issues of digitalization of data, usage of social media as it was in RC33 Regional Conference in Taipei, September 2017. When it is the case for disaster researches it is not away from these discusions. Digitalization of data through institutions such as FEMA, EM-DAT, AFAD and others, differing disaster types, regularity-unregularity of natural events for each country, climatical changes requires increase in awareness of available informations and new strategies to classiffy puplicity of data. However, they may bring sometimes better conditions for smart living or sometimes they can be threats in loss in privacy, unethicality, cyber-violence, control by algorithms.

This paper will be elaborating discussions under the light of fieldwork experiences and study results accumulated through years. Examples will be given from Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Europe and America. Moreover it will be revealing complexity in interchangiblility, interplay of constructive, deconstructive, reconstructive forces of digitalization and societial innovations by considering macro, meso and micro levels.

The paper will be consist of four sections; introduction, methodology, findings and conclusion.