The Study of New Zealand's Teaching and Learning Based on Talis 2013

Friday, 20 July 2018: 08:45
Oral Presentation
Chousung YANG, National Chi Nan University, Taiwan
This study mainly focuses on the "school leadership'' and ''school climate'' of the TALIS 2013 principal questionnaire which New Zealand participate in, expect that the result of the study could be used for national education.

The goals of this study are as follows: (1) To understand principals' use of time. (2) To know how principals' practice their school leadership. (3) To see principals' leadership style and school climate. (4) Summarize the above analysis and provide recommendations for school leadership.

The conclusions od the study are: (1)The school climate is good, and the principal focus on school affairs planning, improve teaching quality, rarely spend time on communicating with parents and the community. (2) The principal focus on student learning and teacher teaching, less help to deal with school administrative details and understanding of classroom teaching. (3) The factors that limit the effectiveness of the principal's leadership are policy and finance, the workload and the responsibility. (4) Good school climate is the key to reducing the students and teachers' problems.