Collective Impact: The Experience of Networks of Educational Communities in Brazil

Friday, 20 July 2018: 16:00
Oral Presentation
Fernanda MOURA, CIEDS, Brazil
So far, social organizations have worked primarily in individual way, through isolated interventions. This strategy works very well when it comes to "technical problems", that is, well-defined problems, with a solution known in advance and in which an organization alone has competence for its implementation as a whole.
The approach of collective impact, however, implies that organizations from different sectors (public, private and third sector) work collectively in a coordinated and integrated manner, each in their area of expertise, with the goal of achieving together the desired social change, in a long-lasting and large scale, instead of an individualized set of activities.
The present summary, under the light of collective impact, is about the experience of implementing a project called Networks of Educational Communities in two Brazilian cities, presenting the obstacles and advances of establishing a common agenda of expanded-learning.
First of all, we intend to focus on the profile of these cities, understanding the local demands raised through participatory diagnoses. Secondly, the focus is analyzing the conditions necessary for the implementation of this project on a large scale, with the involvement and articulation of several local social actors. And finally, present the experience of operation of this Network based on the concept and methodological assumptions of collective impact.