Analysis on the Refugees Representation in the Spanish Digital Press

Monday, 16 July 2018: 15:30
Oral Presentation
Sergio MOLDES-ANAYA, University of Granada, Spain, Universidad de Granada, Instituto de la Paz y los Conflictos (IPAZ), Spain
Isabel KHADOUR, Universidad de Granada, Spain
Spanish stereotypes towards refugees are based, among other things, on the information that media dissemination offers. In order to approach the research problem, a discourse analysis will be carried out to verify how the representation of refugees in the Spanish media is and what are the stereotypes to which both representations refer. The corpus analyzed will consist of all related news published in the digital edition of two of the most widely read newspapers in Spain: "El País" and "ABC", from april 2015 to september 2017. On the one hand, critical discourse analysis (CDA) will be used to study the linguistic representation of refugees in both media and, on the other hand, the analysis of contingency tables to detect anomalies in the representation of the same in newspapers. The objective of the study will be to evaluate the representation of the refugees in both media, after analyzing a series of previously established discursive categories that will be evaluated by external judges. In accordance with the criteria of external judges and subsequent analysis of the opinions, the expected results should show that the representation of refugees varies significantly in both media, while in one category there will be categories related to immigration control and migration policies, in another, categories related to Human Rights and International Cooperation will predominate.