RC48 Roundtable I

Monday, 16 July 2018: 17:30-19:20
RC48 Social Movements, Collective Actions and Social Change (host committee)

Language: Spanish, French and English

Roundtables 1: Social Movements and Solidarity Economy

Session organizers: Jean-Louis LAVILLE

This roundtable aims at overcoming the division between social movements and solidarity economy and to analyze civil society initiatives’ hybridizing the two dimensions.


Roundtables 2: Against the Financial Greedlords

Session organizers: Helena FLAM 

In this roundtable the main question is why social movements activities focused on  financial capital, its institutions and its practices are comparatively speaking infrequent. 


Roundtables 3: Women Protests for "Women Rights As Human Rights"*: Equality, Autonomy, Dignity, Democracy, Peace, Sustainability and Solidarity

Session organizers: Miri GAL-EZER 

This roundtable is calling for papers dealing with women mobilizations, protests, and resistance in many fields of "women rights as human rights".


Roundtables 4: Institutionalizing Social Movements amidst Inequalities: From Contestation to Policy and Demobilization 

Session organizer: Su-ming KHOO 

This roundtable explores the institutionalization of radical/left social movements, considering the possibilities and pitfalls of political inclusion.


Roundtables 5: How the State Shapes Social Movements

Session organizers: Dominique CLEMENT, Howard RAMOS, Catherine CORRIGALL-BROWN  

The papers in this roundtable are based on the primary deliverable of this team project: a digital public database that lists state grants to NGOs in Canada since 1960.

Session Organizer:
Tova BENSKI, College of Management Studies, Israel


    Collective action in the digital age
    Organizers:  Anna DOMARADZKA and David DUENAS-CID
    Chair:  David DUENAS-CID
    Institutionalizing Social Movements amidst Inequalities: From Contestation to Policy and Demobilization
    Organizer:  Su-ming KHOO
    Chair:  Joshua DUBROW
    Social Movements in Contemporary India I
    Chair:  Dipti Ranjan SAHU