Globalization, Technology Transfer and Global Economic Integration

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 08:30-10:20
RC02 Economy and Society (host committee)

Language: English

Globalization, Technology Transfer and Global Economic Integration

            Transnational corporate and industrial ventures, so characteristic of globalization have brought into being several structural and operational changes in the productive systems of developing economies. Several measures pursuing liberalisation policy have been initiated to facilitate liberal transfer of technologies, information and capital across the borders in addition to forging collaborative joint ventures with existing multinational corporations and help establish entirely new ones as well as subscribing to diverse global agencies of trade, commerce and industry. Requisite legal provisions are made to deal with Intellectual Property Rights for technology transfer including immigration laws to facilitate movement of human resources. Similarly, in the so called closed or guarded economies, the private players are being offered scope for greater role with opening of diverse fields of economy for Foreign Direct Investment completing what is being understood as global economic integration, a phenomenon that needs to be empirically and theoretically probed into for a scientific and objective understanding for the purposes of better understanding, regulation and prediction if need be.

            Hence, papers focusing on the phenomenon of global economic integration, perceived as outcome of globalisation process facilitated by the global technology transfer, foreign direct investment, MNC operations from theoretical and empirical perspective are invited for presentation in the session that could also suggest strategies and measures for overcoming some of the perceived bottlenecks and constraints in harnessing the true potential of globalization for its positive impact. 


                                                                                                                                              S.L. Hiremath

Session Organizer:
Siddharamesh HIREMATH, Gulbarga University, India
Somashekher CHINNAPPA, Bangalore University, India
Sindhe Jaganath RAMANNA, Gulbarga University, India
Abdul Gaffar KHAN, Gulbarga University, India
Oral Presentations
Bringing Innovation Home: Indigenous Development in Kunshan, China
Dennis MCNAMARA, Georgetown University, USA; Shuixiong WANG, Renmin University, China
Globalization a Boon or Bane – a Study in Indian Context
Somasekara REDDY, V.V Pura College of Arts and Commerce, K.R Road, Bangalore-560004, India, India
The IMPACT of Human Capital and Foreign Direct Investment on Productivity in Pakistan
Zaira ADNAN, Western Sydney University, Australia; Girijasankar MALLIK, western sydney university, Australia; Mamta CHOWDHURY, western sydney university, Australia
The ‘Gig Economy’, Technology and Piece-Wages
Georgina MURRAY, Griffith University, Australia; David PEETZ, Griffith University, Australia
Globalization, Gender and Poverty: Women Workers in Garment Industry in Karnataka Region of India
Nanjanasiddaiah DODDASIDDAIAH, Karnataka State Open University, India
Distributed Papers
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