Authors Meet Critics

Friday, 20 July 2018: 17:30-19:20
RC44 Labor Movements (host committee)

Language: English

This session will feature and critique 2-3 recently published books on global labor. Featured books must be published after January 2015. Because the ISA will be held in Toronto, we invite submissions for manuscripts written in English, French, or Spanish to reflect the region’s languages. Nominations must be submitted through the ISA online submission system by September 30th 2017. (The submission deadline was previously incorrectly advertised as January 2018.) Nominations (by the author or others) should include (1) a full reference for the book (including publisher and year of publication) and (2) a short paragraph summarizing the book in English. The organizers would appreciate if nominators could make electronic copies of the books available if possible. Electronic copies should be sent to Jenny Chan (jenny.wl.chan@polyu.edu.hk), Ben Scully (ben.scully@wits.ac.za), Rina Agarwala (agarwala@jhu.edu), and Alexander Gallas (alexandergallas@uni-kassel.de). However, emailing the book is not a replacement for submitting a nomination through the ISA online system. This session is organized by the Global Labour Journal (GLJ). The GLJ is the RC44 journal and is cohosted by the Global Labour University, the International Center for Development and Decent Work, and the Penn State Center for Global Workers’ Rights. The critiques emerging from this panel will be published in English as book reviews in the subsequent issue of the GLJ.
Session Organizers:
Rina AGARWALA, Johns Hopkins University, USA, Jenny CHAN, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, Alexander GALLAS, University of Kassel, Germany and Ben SCULLY, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
Jennifer CHUN, University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada, Lu ZHANG, Temple University, USA and Stefan SCHMALZ, Friedrich Schiller-University, Germany
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