Women in the Military. Participation and Change in a Gendered Organisation 1

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 15:30-17:20
RC01 Armed Forces and Conflict Resolution (host committee)

Language: English

The session is intended to deal with current and new conditions of military personnel as far as gender policies, gender effects and role adjustment and changes are concerned.

The position of women in the military forces is by no means the same all around the world, and their real participation at all levels, and especially at decision-making levels, is subject to frequent changes due to the incessant movement toward true and complete integration on an equality basis on the one side and the difficulties and draw-backs mainly stemming from persisting gendered cultural values in societies as well as in military organisations on the other side.

Suggested topics for paper submission are: recruitment and retention policies, integration policies and gender perspective according to UNSCR 1325 and following resolutions, servicewomen presence in top-level decision-making positions in military and civil-military committees at national and international levels, leadership and commanding, real servicewomen participation in joint international missions and Crises Response Operations, professional vs private life coping policies, situations of gender discrimination, harassment and sexual abuse.

Other topics anyway dealing with the general session's title are invited for paper submission.

Session Organizers:
Marina NUCIARI, University of Torino Italy, Italy and Helena CARREIRAS, Instituto Universitario de Lisboa, Portugal
Oral Presentations
Gendered Encounters with the State: An Analytical Proposal
Edna LOMSKY-FEDER, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel; Orna SASSON-LEVY, Department of Sociology and Anthroplogy Bar Ilan University, Israel
Unscr 1325 and Canadian Military Culture in Transition: Gender Integration or New Roles for Women?
Karen DAVIS, Department of National Defence, Canada; Angela FEBBRARO, Department of National Defence, Canada; Krystal HACHEY, Department of National Defence, Canada
The Role of Researchers Supporting “Operation Honour”: Investigating the Impact of Gender-Related Values on Military Socialization
Kyle FRASER, Department of National Defence, Canada; Shannon RUSSELL-MILLER, Department of National Defence, Canada
Gender Differences in Military Families: Towards a Redefinition of Roles?
Eraldo OLIVETTA, School of Management and Economics. Turin University. Italy, Italy
Distributed Papers