Women’s Movement, Peace Process and Conflict Resolution

Saturday, 21 July 2018: 12:30-14:20
RC32 Women in Society (host committee)

Language: English

Women play important role in peace initiatives and conflict resolution during conflict and wars. Yet in many situations their roles are defined and their voices get marginalized or relegated to the periphery. Conflict situations impact women's lives considerably, especially of those living in the underdeveloped post-colonial states and under oppressive patriarchal structures. As the conflict across the globe increases and the incidents of militarism, masculinity and militancy gain ground, the need for women’s participation in peace activism and their involvement in decision-making towards conflict resolution is felt much more strongly. This session will focus on the role of women’s movement on the need of women’s involvement and their inclusion in the debates on generating a public discourse. It will focus on the ways in which women in different parts of the conflict-stricken world have been reaching out to women across borders, and adopting new ways of engaging with peace and security. These will help to conceptualize new theoretical perspectives as well as in strategizing on inclusion of more women in decision-making on peace processes and resolution of conflicts. The papers are invited on the topics: women in peace process and conflict resolution, women’s peace activism, women’s movement and conflict, militarism,   peace and security.
Session Organizer:
Abha CHAUHAN, University of Jammu, India
Abha CHAUHAN, University of Jammu, India
Oral Presentations
Women, Mothers, Soldiers: Protest in the Israeli Context
Nura RESH, School of Education, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
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