Gender, Equity and Reproductive Rights in a Mobile World

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 08:30-10:20
RC15 Sociology of Health (host committee)
RC32 Women in Society

Language: English

This session seeks papers about gender, equity and reproductive rights in the context of transnational mobility and justice.  We are particularly interested in theoretical and empirical studies that examine the gendered and justice dimensions of mobile bodies, mobile diseases and healthcare with a focus on women’s sexual, reproductive and maternal health rights. The focus of this session is on the complex forms of border crossing and the ways transnationality shapes people’s embodied experiences and the mobile diseases that affect them. For example, topics of interest include mobile diseases, such as the sexually transmitted diseases Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Hepatitis B (HBV), HIV, and Zika; emergent infectious diseases such as Dengue fever and Ebola and the targeting of public health measures particularly on women’s and their children’s bodies; gendered issues related to the women’s health care, imagery and social imaginaries of mobile bodies in cross border travel to receive medical care, escape violence, war and the collapse of nation states; or the provision of care in non-places (Augé), such as refugee camps, detention centers, ports of entry, and off-shore sites (e.g., Women on Waves).
Session Organizers:
Susan BELL, Drexel University, USA and Anne FIGERT, Loyola University Chicago, USA
Susan BELL, Drexel University, USA and Anne FIGERT, Loyola University Chicago, USA
Oral Presentations
Sociology of Health and Women
Penny DOWEDOFF, York University, Canada
Surrogacy Regulation Bill 2016, India: A Critical Analysis
Rajni BALA, Baring Union Christian College, Batala, India
Distributed Papers
Cross-Border Reproductive Care: The Impact of the Opinion and the Attitudes of the Society Toward Surrogacy in Women's Reproductive Rights
María José RODRIGUEZ JAUME, University of Alicante, Spain; Diana JARENO RUIZ, University of Alicante, Spain
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