RC48 Roundtable II

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 10:30-12:20
RC48 Social Movements, Collective Actions and Social Change (host committee)

Language: Spanish, French and English

Roundtables 1: The Governance of Social Movements in Africa 

Session organizer: Mireille MANGA

The roundtable would welcome papers that fall within different axes of the management strategies of social movements in African political societies.

Roundtables 2: Gender Issues in Decoloniality: Brazilian Women of Periphery in the Fight for the Conquest of Power Spaces

Session organizers: Tania M.Freitas BARROS MACIEL, Rosa Lidice VALIM 

The observations of this research supports the notion that postmodern Brazilian women from the periphery may establish psychological contracts that favor social involvement in order to feel empowered. 


Roundtables 3: Social Movements Against Mega Projects in Mexico 

Session organizers: Ligia TAVERA FENOLLOSA

This roundtable analyzes a variety of social movements against mega projects in Mexico. Why do these movements oppose mega projects? What are they opposing when they oppose the projects?  What role does the state play in the relationship between the movements and their opponents?



Roundtables 4: Social Movements in Contemporary India

Session organizers: Dipti SAHU

Contemporary India has been witnessing mobilizations of people’s action groups. This roundtable makes an attempt to interrogate in to the agenda of contemporary social movements with a view to inquiry in to the genesis, processes and consequences of social movements.

Roundtables 5: After Gezi: Politics and Social Movements in Turkey

Session organizers:  Kursad ERTUGRUL

This roundtable aims to discuss such aspects of emerging post-Gezi tendencies.

Session Organizer:
Liana Maria DAHER, University of Catania, Italy


    The Governance of Social Movements in Africa
    Organizer:  Mireille MANGA EDIMO
    Chair:  Mireille MANGA EDIMO
    After Gezi: Politics and Social Movements in Turkey
    Organizer:  Kursad ERTUGRUL
    Chair:  Miri GAL-EZER
    Social Movements in Contemporary India II
    Organizer:  Dipti Ranjan SAHU
    Chair:  Manvendra Pratap SINGH
    Social Movements Fights for Human and Female Rights
    Chair:  Tova BENSKI