Ubiquitous Images and Collective Video Practices in the Public Sphere

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 08:30-10:20
RC57 Visual Sociology (host committee)

Language: English and Spanish

The relationship between activism, photography and video-making is constantly changing, specially since audiovisual tools are more and more accessible and contents can be uploaded and disseminated online.

This session will focus on the uses, appropriations and resignifications of photography and video-making in the public sphere, both online and offline, in the hands of citizens, social movements and art organizations.

This is proposed as a regular session with 3-5 videos and photo-essays (depending on the number and quality of submissions). These will have to be screened (but only partially if they exceed the 15 minutes) in order to facilitate the successive debate.

The length of the session will be 110 minutes.

Session Organizer:
Agustina TRIQUELL, Centro de Investigaciones Sociales - Instituto de Desarrollo Economico y Social, Argentina
Sandro CATTACIN, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Fiorenza GAMBA, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Oral Presentations
The Function(s) of Public Place Surveillance in Responding to Visible Homelessness in Brisbane, Australia
Andrew CLARKE, Institute for Social Science Research, University of Queensland, Australia
Videoactivism As an Urban Phenomenon: Rio De Janeiro and Cape Town
Jacob GEUDER, University of Basel, Switzerland
Journals of Hate
Syd KROCHMALNY, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
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