Youth on the Move: Alter-Activism & Post-2011 Movements

Monday, 16 July 2018: 10:30-12:20
RC47 Social Classes and Social Movements (host committee)
RC34 Sociology of Youth

Language: English

The year 2011 marks a watershed in the history of social movements. From the Arab Spring to the Chilean Autumn, passing through the Portuguese generation “a rasca”, the 15M-indignant Spaniards, the British riots, the protest for housing in Israel, the Colombian Mane, Acampa Sampa in Brazil, and of course Occupy Wall Street, a new Global generation occupied the center of the public scene, both in the squares and in social networks. Whether it is a "movement" or a "moment", these collective processes have their foreword in the alterglobalization mobilization that emerged in Seattle ten years earlier, and its epilogue in later alter-activist mobilization in places such as Hong Kong, Istanbul or Paris, with a recent xenophobic and neoconservative drift.

The present proposal invites to reflect on research carried out on these spaces and times, not so much on the movements themselves, but on the latent or evident subjectivation processes built around these collective processes, especially those related to the construction and deconstruction of personal or collective youth identities. In particular, we propose to focus on the following aspects:

a)   The need to integrate subjectivation and self-construction as a person and as an actor of these young activists.

b)   The other visions of the politics of the alter-activists, their scope and their limits.

c)      Experiences of young alter-activists in representative politics.

Session Organizers:
Carles FEIXA, University of Lleida, Spain and Oscar AGUILERA, Universidad de Chile, Chile
Sofia LAINE, Finnish Youth Research Network, Finland
Oral Presentations
Concepciones De Militancias Y De Política Feminista De Mujeres Jovenes Participantes EN Organizaciones Políticas Emergentes EN Chile
Raul ZARZURI, Centro de Investigaciones Sociales, Chile; Ximena GOECKE, Centro de Estudios Socioculturales, Chile
How Do Young Precariats Make Their Voices Heard? Strategies, Symbolic Practices, and the Impact of South Korean Youth Movements
Jin-Wook SHIN, Department of Sociology, Chung-Ang University, Republic of Korea; Boyeong JEONG, Chung-Ang University, Republic of Korea
The Uprisings of the Rif Area in Morocco: From a Protest Movement to a Social Movement
Rachid JARMOUNI, university moulay ismail Meknés Morocco, Morocco
After Ayotzinapa: Personal and Self-Construction Impacts of the Mobilization
Margot ACHARD, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium