Entrepreneurship and Management from a Gender Perspective

Friday, 20 July 2018: 08:30-10:20
RC10 Participation, Organizational Democracy and Self-Management (host committee)

Language: English

Despite remarkable achievements in reducing gender disparities in the last few decades, women’s access to economic sphere remains a challenge and work-life balance is still an important obstacle to career advancement. In this session, we invite papers that explore these inequalities by focusing on the gendered access to- and participation in positions of leadership in organizations and on the ways in which entrepreneurs and top managers juggle the demands of their paid work with their private life. We welcome papers that explore intersections between gender and other axes of social inequality, examine research practices from a gender perspective or discuss the development and implementation of public policies aimed at promoting gender equality in entrepreneurship and managerial positions, by focusing on macro, meso or micro level of analysis or undertaking a comparative analysis. Theoretical and conceptual papers are encouraged, as well as empirical contributions applying quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods.
Session Organizers:
Fatima ASSUNCAO, CIEG/ISCSP-ULisboa, Portugal and Zakia SETTI, Ecole Nationle Superieure de Management (ENSM), Algeria
Zakia SETTI, École Nationale Supérieure de Management (ENSM), Algeria
Oral Presentations
A Long Path to Full Citizenship. Women and Technology
Mariella BERRA, University of Turin, Italy
The Impact of Crisis on Female Entrepreneurship in Greece
Eleni NINA-PAZARZI, University of Piraeus, Greece