Citizen's Responses Towards the Institutions in Crisis: Collaborative Culture, Common Goods, and the Fracture within the Structures of Dominance

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 15:30-17:20
RC10 Participation, Organizational Democracy and Self-Management (host committee)

Language: English and Spanish

Modern societies are experiencing economic, social, cultural, environmental, climatic, and institutional crises. They generate violence, fear, corruption, conflicts for the natural resources, and struggles for the dominance of power. They deeply alter natural and social life. This global crisis leads to structures, institutions, cultures, and paradigms becoming obsolete. In the interfaces of the crisis, territories in disputes remain with new indignant and conscious actors that struggle to impose new narratives, cultures and styles of life and development. These are times of uncertainties and transitions of models that require new energy and human intelligence. There is an emergence of foundational ideas of a new era, or at least hopes of sustainable change.

This session invites abstracts that present results of studies and new socio-natural studies about the way the national or regional crisis is manifesting; its causes and consequences, and particularly the actors’ responses to the diversity of expressions of the institutional fractures of power and the reorganization of the globalized world.

We are calling for abstracts about citizens’ experiences that defy the fractured power with a new consciousness and strategies of culture and coexistence and about how citizens solve problems historically non-resolved by institutions and governments through collaboration, struggles, knowledge, and innovation.

The session seeks to discuss how they defy the bureaucratized power with new forms of organization, culture, and struggles. How they are mobilizing common goods and knowledge in their new narratives and cultures.

Session Organizers:
Martha Nelida RUIZ URIBE, Universidad de Tijuana, Mexico and Jaime PRECIADO, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico
Martha Nelida RUIZ URIBE, Universidad de Tijuana, Mexico


    Citizen's Responses Towards the Institutions in Crisis
    Organizers:  Martha Nelida RUIZ URIBE and Jaime PRECIADO
    Collaborative Culture, Common Goods and Public Policies
    Organizers:  Martha Nelida RUIZ URIBE and Jaime PRECIADO
    Fractures within the Structures of Dominance, Social Movements
    Organizers:  Martha Nelida RUIZ URIBE and Jaime PRECIADO