Tourism and Violence

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 10:30-12:20
RC50 International Tourism (host committee)

Language: English

This session calls for thoughtful contributions on issues of violence in respect of the following potential themes:  tourism and religion, tourism and sexuality, tourism and gender, tourism and exploitation, tourism and exclusion, and a combination of these phenomena of life, or on other topics not listed here.

The roots of liberal democracy encompass violence (Mishra 2017). A critical view on the concept of regression may be part of the discussion. The same holds for the concept of cultural clash in the context of a historic approach, and the reaction on colonialism and imperialism. Regarding current violence and terrorism the “western world” might be modest (c.f. the history of anarchistic terrorism in Europe in the 19th century, or the Raf (Germany) and the Red Brigades (Italy) in the 20th century). On the other hand, and relevant because of the impact for tourism, the destruction of cultural heritage seems to be specific in the 21st century. Nevertheless, in general theories about violence should play a role while discussing the theme tourism and violence. Some examples: on macro level: social conflict theories, primordialism (c.f. Conteh-Morgan, Earl 2003), constructivist (c.f. Varshney, Ashutosh). On micro level: relative deprivation (c.f. Gurr, Ted 2011), collective action theory (c.f. Opp, Karl-Dieter 1986), greed versus grievance (c.f. Collier, Paul; Hoeffler, Anke 2004).

Approaches in terms of (e.g.) colonization versus post-colonization & de-colonization and/or singular versus multiple identities (ethnic, national, trans) may be useful as theoretical points of departure.

Session Organizer:
Jan TE KLOEZE, Foundation WICE-DSL, Netherlands
Oral Presentations
The Faces of Oppression in Tourism: A Study of Cultural (In)Justice in Quintana Roo, Mexico
Tazim JAMAL, Texas A&M University, USA; Blanca CAMARGO, Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico
From Pilgrimage to Dark Tourism? a New Kind of Tourism in Palestine
Rami ISAAC, Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
When Migration Becomes a Tourist Brand… Lampedusa and the Refugee Crisis
Marxiano MELOTTI, Niccolò Cusano University, Rome, Italy; Ezio MARRA, Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca, Italy