What Security, Whose Security? States, Corporations, and Publics

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 14:00-15:20
Location: John Bassett Theatre (102) (MTCC NORTH BUILDING)

Language: English

Since 9/11, the US and its Western allies have made security a priority both domestically and internationally. This agenda is increasingly carried by private security companies delivering state policies of policing and containment and protecting transnational corporations internationally. At the same time, some citizens are presented as ‘other’ and the focus of projected anxieties, and their transnational connections subject to fearful surveillance. Global networks of information and surveillance undermine the formation of democratic publics, just as domestic political institutions are rendered fragile by globalisation. This semi-plenary addresses the challenges this poses for sociology and its public mission.
Session Organizers:
John HOLMWOOD, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom and Sawako SHIRAHASE, University of Tokyo, Japan
Sawako SHIRAHASE, University of Tokyo, Japan
Oral Presentations
State and Counterrevolution
Waldon BELLO, University of Philippines, Philippines
Israeli State Security and the Palestine Issue
Elia ZUREIK, Queen’s University, Canada
Violence: Theory, Phenomenology and Public Policies
Jose-Vicente TAVARES-DOS-SANTOS, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
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