Myths and Realities of Homeownership

Monday, 16 July 2018: 10:30-12:20
RC43 Housing and Built Environment (host committee)

Language: English

Homeownership is viewed in many cultures as a sign of success and stability. However, as a form of real estate and a means to make money, it has become harder for some to buy a home. This session will examine beliefs about ownership, and the challenges, experiences and strategies used in different countries to become homeowners.
Session Organizer:
Janet L. SMITH, University of Illinois, USA
Oral Presentations
Housing Ownership and Housing Satisfaction in Russian Regions
Ekaterina AKHMETSHINA, Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Russia; Tatiana KLYUEVA, Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Russian Federation
Myth of Homeownership in Japan
Rina YAMAMOTO, The University of Tokyo, Japan