Race, Class & Gender in Practice Settings

Thursday, 19 July 2018: 15:30-17:20
RC42 Social Psychology (host committee)
RC46 Clinical Sociology

Language: English

The papers in this session explore research for and with(in) marginalized groups and community engagement. This session aims to answer questions such as: 1)  How do applied sociologists around the globe tackle social challenges and injustice? How are applied and clinical sociologists addressing issues of  power, violence, and justice in communities across the lines of gender, race, class, and other sociopolitical identity markers? We welcome papers from an intersectional perspective but are open to other theoretical and methodological approaches.
Session Organizers:
Daniela JAUK, University of Graz, Austria and Sharon EVERHARDT, Troy University, USA
Oral Presentations
Gender and Race Differences in Sexually Risky Behavior of Guyanese Adolescents
Sasha DRUMMOND-LEWIS, University of Michigan-Flint, USA; Brenda GILL, Alabama State University, USA
Cities for CEDAW: Notes on Effective Intervention
Jan Marie FRITZ, University of Cincinnati, USA
Gender and Social Action in a Mexican Province: A Photovoice Project with Activist Women
Francisco Antar MARTINEZ GUZMAN, University of Colima, Mexico
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