Sport, Justice and Development

Saturday, 21 July 2018: 10:30-12:20
RC27 Sociology of Sport (host committee)

Language: English

The role of sport for delivering in the field of international mainstream development, or as part of the Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) movement is a contentious issue. Since the UN declaration in 2003 about using sport as a vehicle for delivering on Sustainable Development Goals, main stakeholders developed policies, structures and partnerships to become part of this social movement. Major tensions emerged between Global North and Global South partnerships linked to unequal power relations and the domination of neo-Colonial ideology. Delivering sport (for) development programmes with the focus on individual agency is mostly underpinned by a liberalist framework and fails to address discriminatory systems and structural constraints. Most practices adhere to a human justice framework, but the interrogation of policies and strategies from sport powerhouses such as the IOC and FIFA reveals a top-down, pre-determined development agenda with relatively little room for indigenous participation and practice. This session invites papers that address the complexity of stakeholder agency in this crowded policy space, and asks for reflection on unequal power relations and multiple practices that explore discriminatory practices and contextual inequalities. Papers on theoretical underpinnings and theories of change, policy frameworks and practices that could advance the body of knowledge are also welcome.

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Session Organizer:
Cora BURNETT-LOUW, Department of Sport and Movement Studies, University of Johannesburg,, South Africa
Oral Presentations
The Globalization of ‘Bicycles for Development’: Examining a Sport for Development ‘Movement’
Mitchell MCSWEENEY, York University, Canada; Madison ARDIZZI, University of British Columbia, Canada; Lyndsay HAYHURST, York University, Canada; Brian WILSON, University of British Columbia, Canada
In Quest of Safeguarding Children’s Welfare in and through Sport
Pinar YAPRAK KEMALOGLU, Gazi University Faculty of Sport Sciences, Turkey
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