The Changing Terrain of Aid, Humanitarianism, and Development

Friday, 20 July 2018: 17:30-19:20
RC09 Social Transformations and Sociology of Development (host committee)

Language: English

This panel focuses on the practices of aid, humanitarianism, and development. We welcome papers that address (a) the recent changes to aid, humanitarianism, or development, such as the fragmentation of the aid/humanitarian field; violence against humanitarians/aid workers; formation of new border regimes and humanitarian subjectivities; dangerous migrant journeys and deaths at sea or on land; increased xenophobia and protectionism; and, shrinking support for development and humanitarian assistance, and/or (b) the responses to these changes, including novel forms of/actors involved in development and humanitarian assistance, and the establishment of social collectivities for political change, including community organizations, rights-based associations, and social justice groups.  We are interested in papers that examine these issues through a range of theoretical and methodological perspectives, and aim to include a diversity of perspectives and scholars in the discussion. Submissions by scholars from the Global South are especially encouraged.
Session Organizers:
Suzan ILCAN, University of Waterloo, Canada and Liam SWISS, Memorial University, Canada
Oral Presentations
Filling Empty Promises? Foreign Aid and Human Rights Decoupling
Liam SWISS, Department of Sociology, Memorial University, Canada; Qian WEI, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
The European ‘Migrant Crisis’ and Shifting Geographies of Official Development Assistance
Amanda SHRIWISE, University of Oxford, United Kingdom; Cecilia BRUZELIUS, Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Putting the Money Where the Men Are: Homonormativity and HIV in Malawi
Alex MULLER, University of Cape Town, South Africa