The Senses in Interaction

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 17:30-19:20
TG07 Senses and Society (host committee)

Language: Spanish and English

This panel aims to brings together studies of the operation of the senses in social interaction, including how the senses are used in the routine course of social action, as well as how sensory experience is communicated to others. Papers may focus on naturally occurring interactions, such as how people use senses in their work, as well as on more experimental contexts, such as educational or medical interventions. Methodologically, papers may use a broad range of methods, including observations, interviews, photography and narrative forms of enquiry, and we very much encourage creative approaches to data gathering and representation. Examples of the kinds of topics that researchers might focus on include: the uses of the senses to coordinate actions with others; how people bring up sensory experience in communication, such as to make other objects or experiences available to other people; the ways that senses are transformed into verbal accounts during actions; the affordances of different senses in particular settings. These are just suggestions, however, and we welcome submissions from broad contexts and approaches that relate to the central theme of examining the senses as an interactional phenomena.
Session Organizers:
William GIBSON, University College London, Institute of Education, United Kingdom and Dirk VOM LEHN, King's College London, United Kingdom
Florence FIGOLS, Concordia University, Canada
Oral Presentations
Sensory Work in Clinical Decision Making
Sylvie GROSJEAN, University of Ottawa, Canada; Frederik MATTE, Department of Communication, University of Ottawa, Canada; Isaac NAHON-SERFATY, University of Ottawa, Canada
Good Looks and Guaranteed Sightings: Notes on the Sociology of Seeing
Peter GRAHAME, Pennsylvania State University - Schuylkill, USA
A Sense of Belonging: Religious Ritual in Sensory Narrative
Beth DOUGHERTY, Loyola University Chicago, USA
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