Sport, Health and Violence. Methodological Challenges.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 10:30-12:20
RC54 The Body in the Social Sciences (host committee)

Language: English

The current trend in health studies is to consider health in a complex and dynamic rather than static perspective. In this view, health is the result of a constant interaction between the individual and his environment, it is no longer considered only as the absence of disease but as a resource for everyday life in which the individual’s role is active. In that case, the notion of health capability explain the conditions that affect health and one’s ability to make choices. Health and sports can be considered as indicators of current individual and global health condition, and as a mirrors of societies’ transformations. For this reason, as sociologists, the analysis of health and sports/physical activity can be a key to analyse changes in social interaction and collective representations. Similar things could be said about the concept of violence, mobilizing now interdisciplinary, complex and multifactorial approaches, and crossing the concepts of health and sports at different levels.

To have a comprehensive understanding of these phenomena, we should consider a broad range of dimensions of the health condition, sports and violence of both the overall population and the individual. We should open to an interdisciplinary view of these topics, calling into question innovative methodological tools/approaches. In order to contribute to these streams of research and to open new horizons for further investigation, we invite papers opening to an interdisciplinary sociology-based approach, moving innovative qualitative, quantitative or mixed methodologies, aimed at understanding the relationships/interactions between sports/physical activity, health and violence.

Session Organizer:
Craig COOK, Simpson University, USA
Craig COOK, Simpson University, USA
Oral Presentations
Bodies As Libraries of Bioparts/ Sociology of the Body Meets Life Engineering
Eva SLESINGEROVA, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany