Social Justice, Activism, and Institutional Ethnography

Monday, 16 July 2018: 17:30-19:20
TG06 Institutional Ethnography (host committee)

Language: English

Since George Smith’s 1990 seminal article in Social Problems on “Political Activism as Ethnographer,” those using institutional ethnography have worked with communities to address justice issues. Ellen Pence’s efforts on behalf of women and children in domestic violence cases best exemplifies this kind of community engagement work and IE’s potential for locating institutional sites of change accessible to those working for justice. Others such as Marie Campbell (people with disabilities and women in development), Eric Mykhalovskiy (criminalization of HIV non-disclosure)  and Susan Turner (community planning and women and rural development) among many others have begun to extend institutional ethnography as a skill activist can use to undercover the invisible forms of ruling organizing local communities. This session welcomes all community engaged, activist work using institutional ethnography.
Session Organizer:
Suzanne VAUGHAN, Arizona State University, USA
Suzanne VAUGHAN, Arizona State University, USA
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