Population and Health of the Disadvantaged People

Monday, 16 July 2018: 15:30-17:20
RC41 Sociology of Population (host committee)

Language: English

Indigenous people, refugees and ethnic minorities are usually among the majority of disadvantaged people in a country. Apart from experiencing the socio-economic disparities they are also the ones for whom accurate data are usually lacking.  This is usually true in both the developed and developing countries.  

While this session will prefer papers based on quantitative data, papers utilising case studies, focus groups and other forms of qualitative data will also be considered.  Apart from the usual demographic topics such as fertility, migration and nuptiality, epidemiologic studies of health, morbidity and the prevalence of lifestyle risk factors like smoking, obesity and alcoholism would also be relevant for inclusion in papers submitted to this session.

Session Organizer:
Farhat YUSUF, The University of Sydney, Australia
Oral Presentations
The Death of Young Children: An Expression of Social Inequality
Rosa Maria CAMARENA-CORDOVA, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico
Health of Biracial Children
Kate CHOI, University of Western Ontario, Canada; Nancy REICHMAN, University of Toronto and Rutgers University, Canada
Epidemiologic Profile of the Indigenous People in Australia
Farhat YUSUF, The University of Sydney, Australia; Stephen LEEDER, The University of Sydney, Australia