Future-Making and the Senses

Wednesday, 18 July 2018: 19:30-20:50
TG07 Senses and Society (host committee)

Language: English

Spontaneous, irregular and undocumented migrations are tactics for future-making that are shaped by power, violence and justice. A spectrum of choice to choicelessness provokes individuals seeking asylum from war and conflict, evacuating from natural disasters, taking new opportunities in post-war and post-authoritarian contexts, seasonally migrating for leisure or in retirement, circulating between separated parents’ homes, among other migrations. How do the senses figure in such future-making processes? What influence does the future exert in multiplying or dulling sensory experiences? In journey-making processes which senses are most acute and in what ways? How are senses transformed in new landscapes, environmental climates and/or culinary palates of host societies? How are senses transformed across the lifecourse? To what extent can the senses be understood as skills or mastery? What practices and/or materialities shape the acquisition or erasure of sensory competences? How do the senses illustrate degrees of social inclusion or exclusion in place and time? How does a body sense forms of violence? To what extent can the senses be controlled or manipulated? How do embodied sensations relate to a sense of power or a sense of justice? Through what methods can we research such issues?

This panel seeks sociologically oriented empirical research about future-making and the senses including:

- Comparative papers that explore sensory experiences in unlike or dissonant contexts

- Analytical papers offering reflections about, responses to, and responsibilities for phenomena encountered in future-making tactics

- Methodological papers on innovative and interdisciplinary methods for sensory research with undocumented migrants

Session Organizer:
Catherine EARL, Federation University, Australia
Jean DURUZ, University of South Australia, Australia
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