The Issue of School Curriculum

Friday, 20 July 2018: 10:30-12:20
RC04 Sociology of Education (host committee)

Language: English

School curriculum has always been a site for social and political struggle over the appropriate knowledge that children should be exposed to and that should shape their thinking and their identity. The body of work on the sociology of the curriculum is diverse, in terms of theoretical perspectives, as well as the foci of the analysis. It includes scholars who examine how curricula reproduce hegemonic values and identities; how curricula discursively shape different regime of truth and its disciplinary power; how new disciplines are shaped, appear, change form or disappear from school curriculum. Sociology of the curriculum also focuses on how gender and racial identities are constructed through the curriculum and how curriculum can be also a site for counter-knowledge.

In the age of post-truth and fake news, there is a great importance in re-examining the long-standing questions about the ways in which educational knowledge is shaped that has occupied the discipline of sociology of education since the 1970s.

This proposed panel focuses on theoretical and empirical aspects of school curriculum. It seeks papers which offer new theoretical perspectives into the sociology of the curriculum in the age of information technology, neo-liberal economy and growing nationalism and xenophobia. It also seeks empirical work which explores different curricula subject in different national contexts. The panel is especially keen on papers that offer comparative perspective.

Session Organizers:
Halleli PINSON, School of education, Israel and Nura RESH, School of Education, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Oral Presentations
Overeducation Among Spanish Graduates. Stepping-Stone or Dead-End?
María RAMOS, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain