Different Forms of Transnational Capital and Their Impact on the Reproduction of Social Inequalities

Saturday, 21 July 2018: 12:30-14:20
RC28 Social Stratification (host committee)

Language: English

In light of continuing globalization transnational activities become more likely because of increasing opportunities, and because they are a more necessary prerequisite on the labor market. However the range of possible transnational activities is broad: Stays abroad during school or university, volunteering, practical training abroad. The session invites theoretical and empirical contributions focusing on differences in the impact of different forms of transnational activities on labor market careers and the reproduction of social inequality.
Session Organizers:
Tim SAWERT, University of Potsdam, Germany and Lucia FUCHS-SAWERT, Free University of Berlin, Germany
Lucia FUCHS-SAWERT, Berlin Graduate School for Transnational Studies, Germany
Oral Presentations
The Truth about Undercutting: Migration and Its Long-Term Impact upon Labour Market Outcomes of White British and Minority Workers
Wouter ZWYSEN, University of Essex, United Kingdom; Neli DEMIREVA, University of Essex, United Kingdom
Blocked or Short-Range Mobility? Immigration and Labour Market Integration in Italy
Maurizio AVOLA, University of Catania, Italy; Giorgio PICCITTO, University of Milan, Italy