Diversity Management in the Armed Forces: Measures, Attitudes and Policies

Friday, 20 July 2018: 08:30-10:20
RC01 Armed Forces and Conflict Resolution (host committee)

Language: English

As a response to the more and more diverse society as well as to increasingly complex and specific missions of the armed forces, many military organisations implemented diversity management as an HR-policy. As in other organisations, diversity management in the armed forces is not only based on a business imperative, but also on a moral one. On one side, a diverse workforce is expected to bring organizational advantages. On the other hand, an effective diversity management should reflect the social diversity of society, especially in an organization like the armed forces. This panel focuses on diversity measures military organisations implemented or are about to implement in order to recruit and retain soldiers and enhance equal opportunities. Which organisational policies regulate diversity? Which measures have proven to be effective? What are the attitudes of military members or the society towards diversity management and the according measures? What is the experience and opinion of minority groups in the armed forces (women, homosexuals, people with migration background, religious minorities, etc.) concerning diversity management and equal opportunity?


Session Organizer:
Andrea RINALDO, Military Academy at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, Switzerland
Oral Presentations
Understanding Diversity Issues through the Lived Experience of UK Defence Personnel
Mandy WINTERTON, Edinburgh Napier University, United Kingdom; Etlyn KENNY, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom; Natalie FISHER, QinetiQ, United Kingdom; Jo DUBERLEY, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom; Karen NEWELL, QinetiQ, United Kingdom; Siobhan FROST, QinetiQ, United Kingdom
Nutrition in the Swiss Armed Forces
Stefano DE ROSA, Swiss Military Academy, Switzerland
Perception of Inclusion and Experiences of Minority Groups in the Swiss Armed Forces
Andrea RINALDO, Military Academy at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, Switzerland