Gender and Authoritarianism in the MENA Region

Monday, 16 July 2018: 15:30-17:20

Language: English

Session organized by the Turkish Sociological Association

Inequalities in gender, race and ethnicity and social class deepen in the times of authoritarian political climates. Authoritarian political climates normalize all kinds of violence and unjust relations in any society.  MENA Region societies, which do not have a long history with democracy, experience extra challenges in that respect. On the contrary, MENA region has been experiencing ethnic, religious, political and social conflicts over decades. This session invites papers dwelling upon these deepening inequalities in the MENA region societies from an intersectional approach with particular emphasis on gender and authoritarianism.  We welcome papers from Turkey, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia etc. focusing on gender and authoritarianism in the MENA region.

Session Organizers:
Nilay CABUK KAYA, University of Ankara, Turkey, Dilek CINDOGLU, Abdullah Gul University, Turkey and Ayse SAKTANBER, Middle-East Technical University of Ankara, Turkey
Aylin TOPAL, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Oral Presentations
Expulsion of Patriarchy from Gender Theory
Gul OZYEGIN, The College of William and Mary, USA
Patriarchal Authoritarianism in MENA – What Explains Its Durability?
Valentine MOGHADAM, Northeastern University, USA