Children Living Under Difficult Circumstance: Transcending Power, Violence and Injustice in Children's Lives

Tuesday, 17 July 2018: 15:30-17:20
RC53 Sociology of Childhood (host committee)

Language: English

Innovations in sociological thinking about children and childhood has rightly caught the imagination of scholars and activists exploring the lives of children outside of the global North. By eliciting the voices of children living under especially difficult circumstances, and by allowing their experiences and meanings to frame analysis, close study is tracing through the deliberative action and understandings of children living in situations in which they have hitherto been uncritically regarded as passive victims. This session therefore invites papers from scholars seeking to explore how children understand their lives under such conditions and especially how they respond to this, including their coping mechanisms and the strategies they seek to develop to transcend their circumstances. Papers may address, inter alia, the militarisation of children, children’s work and labour, child migrants, children living in poverty, and homelessness, although this list is far from exhaustive. A key consideration of this session is to consider what empirical findings may reveal about children living under difficult circumstances in both the global north and south; and what these may mean for developing sociological understanding and theorisation.
Session Organizer:
Phillip MIZEN, Aston University, United Kingdom
Phillip MIZEN, Aston University, United Kingdom
Oral Presentations
School Representation in a Context of Poverty, Violence and Social Exclusion: What Do the Children Say about It?
Camila LANGFELDT, Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil; Angela SCALABRIN COUTINHO, Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil
Institutional Care Settings for Children and Young People As Strategic Resource
Sylvia MEICHSNER, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
Life of Orphans in Internally Displaced Persons’ (IDPs) Camps in Northern Nigeria: Coping Strategies and Adjustments to Life in the Hands of Surrogate Families
Adediran IKUOMOLA, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko Ondo State, Nigeria; Emmanuel OGUNODE, Adekunle Ajasin University, Nigeria
The Politics of Representation: Refugee Children in Digital Media
Eleni THEODOROU, European University Cyprus, Cyprus