The Future of Science, Technology and Innovation in a World in Turmoil

Friday, 20 July 2018: 17:30-19:20
RC23 Sociology of Science and Technology (host committee)
RC07 Futures Research

Language: English

The world is currently enduring a critical situation. The past ten years have witnessed major geopolitical changes with significant implications for science and technology. The continuing armed conflicts in Southeast Asia and in many African countries, the decision of Great Britain to separate from the European Union (Brexit), the increasing amounts of refugees fleeing from hunger, war or violence as it takes place in Southeast Asia and Central America, the unfortunate election of Donald Trump in the USA. All these events, at first sight, have little to do with STI, however they do have an indirect impact. What is the role STI is playing in this convulsed global disorder? How different nations are making use of relatively new devices such as the national innovation systems, the technology parks, the national laboratories, and the research universities? What are the results of combining these useful tools to address the global scientific challenges, for instance in terms of the climate change, or reducing hunger in the economic south countries, or inhibit wars? Collaboration between less developed and industrialized countries is having the desired results? Are the diaspora scientists really making a difference in terms of enhancing science in their countries of origin? How all these arrangements will function in 5-10 years from now? The session will address these and other questions related to the current and future workings in STI. Colleagues are invited to contribute to the understanding of how STI is functioning now and in the future, both locally and globally.
Session Organizers:
Jaime JIMENEZ GUZMAN, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México-IIMAS-Departamento de Modelación Matemática de Sistemas Sociales-México, Mexico and Elisa REIS, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Oral Presentations
The Content, Context and Future of STI-Policy: Towards a New Framing?
Susanne GIESECKE, Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria; Matthias WEBER, Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria
Portugal in the Semi-Periphery of Scientific Research
Ana FERREIRA, Centro Interdisciplinar de Ciências Sociais - Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas - Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
How National Laboratories Project into the Future. a Case from the Economic South
Jaime JIMENEZ GUZMAN, Institute of Applied Mathematics and Systems, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico; Juan C. ESCALANTE LEAL, UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL AUTONOMA DE MEXICO, IIMAS, Mexico; Delfino VARGAS, Programa Universitario de Estudios del Desarrollo, Mexico; Rodolfo RAMÍREZ ALMANZA, Faculty of Sciences, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico; Leonardo MUNGUÍA, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico; Jessica GÓMEZ MARTÍNEZ, Faculty of Sciences. National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico; Adolfo ATZIN GARCÍA, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico