160.3 Sustainable development report: From management tool to civil society corporate management democratic issue, the case of red puentes, a Mexican CSO

Wednesday, August 1, 2012: 3:00 PM
Faculty of Economics, TBA
Oral Presentation
Pierre-Olivier SIRE , Departamento Estudios Socio-Urbanos, Universidad de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico
Sustainable Development Report: from management tool to civil society corporate management democratic issue,

the case of Red Puentes, a Mexican CSO



            In this communication, we would like to highlight how the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) provides management tools that retrieve on citizenship mobilization to become a management issue democratically debated and appropriated by citizens. To attain this goal, we would base us on the case of Red Puentes, a Mexican CSOs red, which enters the negotiation with firms to debate its social responsibility through the evaluation of its sustainable development reports, trend that can help to solve some of the matters that the current crisis is making salient, sharing the decision power regarding firms’ behaviors.

            Presenting the management tools of the CSR, we would like to point out, by the way of a many years long participant observations, how citizens are appropriating themselves the CSR management tool and the performativity of the stakeholders theory to get into relations with firms that are publishing public sustainable development reports. Doing so, this case highlights how do citizens are opening a democratic debate regarding firm’s activities, through the acknowledgment process of management tools that illustrates the sustainable development evaluation monitoring led by Red Puentes Mexico.

            In a larger extent, this paper propose to investigate the field of possibilities for citizens to make the firms activities debate more democratic by the appropriation of management tool that derives from market devices as is CSR and the sustainable development reports understood as market strategies device. This civil translation of CSR seems to be able to speak about new social movements’ field in order to democratize the economic activity and its relation with civil society.

Pierre-Olivier Sire

PhD student in Social Sciences at University of Guadalajara, Mexico, Departamento de Estudios SocioUrbanos