231.6 Reconsideration of health and welfare policies: If they are always social justice and democratization

Thursday, August 2, 2012: 10:20 AM
Faculty of Economics, TBA
Distributed Paper
Masahira ANESAKI , School of Social Welfare, Kinki Health and Welfare University , Hyougo-ken, Japan
The origin of the present world-wide social insurance schemes dates back to the early 1880's in Germany where the 1883 Sickness Insurance, the 1884 Workmen's Accident Compensation Insurance and the 1889 Disability and Old-Age Pension were enacted under the Bismarck Administaration. The Bismarck Administaration had enated the Socialist Suppression Law in 1878 before a series of social insurances. This series of social insurances was the carrot and the Socialist Suppression Law was the stick.

A similar situation happened in Japan when the first Health Insurance Bill sneaked through the Diet in1922 in the shadows of the contentious debates which attended the passing of Peace Regulation Bill in 1925 which took the nation into the 'dark valley' under the militaristic totalitarian government.

The author will discuss how health and welfare policies can be carrots with sticks to suppress people and how to democratize those policies.