519.5 Do rights matter? A comparative analysis of children's rights

Friday, August 3, 2012: 11:25 AM
Faculty of Economics, TBA
Brian GRAN , Sociology and Law School, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
Do Rights Matter?: A Comparative Analysis of Children’s Rights

Do children’s rights matter to children’s outcomes? Do stronger young people’s rights produce superior outcomes for children? For all children? Efforts to promote and strengthen young people’s rights are often motivated by expectations that stronger rights result in superior outcomes. This relationship, however, is assumed. This study will present global findings to answer the question of whether stronger rights result in better outcomes for young people. An important component of this study is an examination of differential outcomes among young people within countries. Do stronger rights lead to better outcomes for all young people? Do some young people not enjoy these better outcomes? If so, which young people? This study will contribute to research on children’s rights in general, and specifically to questions about the importance of rights for children and young people.