770 RC32 Round Table: Women, mothers, families

Saturday, August 4, 2012: 4:15 PM-5:45 PM
OB SUM (Faculty of Economics)
RC32 Women in Society

Session Organizers:
Vappu TYYSKA, Ryerson University, Canada and Linda CHRISTIANSEN-RUFFMAN, Saint Mary´s University, Canada
“Take your rosaries out of our ovaries”: Counter-hegemony, and the multiplier effects of the dominican feminist movement
Esther HERNÁNDEZ-MEDINA, Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Migrants at the service of gender equality, framing the resurgence of paid domestic workers in the EU (Oral Presentation)
Pilar GONALONS PONS, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Socio-economic consequences of professional activity of women. A case of Poland (Oral Presentation)
Elzbieta Anna CZAPKA, Marie Curie-Sklodowska University, Poland; Izabela LUCJAN, Marie Curie-Sklodowska University , Poland

Empobrecimiento de la familia tras la ruptura o muerte de la pareja (Oral Presentation)
Ana Josefina CUEVAS HERNANDEZ, Universidad de Colima, Mexico; Ana Josefina CUEVAS HERNANDEZ, Universidad de Colima, Mexico