706 Global social policy

Saturday, August 4, 2012: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
APT 210 (Faculty of Economics)

RC19 Sociology of Poverty, Social Welfare and Social Policy (host committee)

Language: English
Session Organizers:
Daniel BELAND, University of Saskatchewan, Canada and Camila ARZA, Latin American School of Social Sciences, Argentina
Hildegard THEOBALD, University of Vechta, Germany
Welfare societies in new democracies: Comparing regional developments in (Oral Presentation)
Peter ABRAHAMSON, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Public transfers and poverty: A global perspective (Oral Presentation)
Kenneth NELSON, Stockholm University, Sweden; Tommy FERRARINI, Stockholm University, Sweden; Florencia ROVIRA TORRES, Stockholm University, Sweden

Emerging welfare states: Comparing East Asian and Scandinavian redistribution models in a global context (Oral Presentation)
Kjell NILSSON, Lund University, Sweden; Magnus RING, Lund University, Sweden; Johan SANDBERG, Lund University, Sweden; Hoai Anh TRAN, Malmo University, Sweden

South Africa's system of social cash transfers: Towards collective social responsibility? (Oral Presentation)
Katrin WEIBLE, Bielefeld University, Germany

Welfare reform and its limits in Singapore (Oral Presentation)
Youyenn TEO, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore