20 Years Experiment in Stage Arts, Language and Gender Classes in Women Studies Department

Tuesday, 12 July 2016
Location: Hörsaal 24 (Main Building)
Distributed Paper
Guzin YAMANER, Ankara University, Turkey
Women studies department was established under the academic disciplines of educational sociology (esp. critical pedagogy), politics, literature and law in Ankara University 20 years before. Language and gender cources took part in the program from the beginning and the sociological point of wiev gave a big importance to language and gender relations. These courses were given by a theatre academic from stage art theory, literature, language theories and the relatioship between the social and lianguage disciplines. There has been hundreds of students from all disciplinles. Women studies department in Ankara University is both an academic and activist places. So, these hundreds of students got their transformations from these language and gender classes. So many small working groups, reading groups, theatre performances, feminist theatre festivals, syposiums presantations were born from these clasess. so do so many books, poems and story written... "Silence language" was one of the heroin of these classses in Turkish classes as a Middle Asian/Mezopatomian/mediterranian/Islamic and plural religios, etnicities and languages country. this presantation is about the present the sosciological story of these transformations between the related parties of the lectures.