The Education and Vocational Training As Part of Modern Youth Lifestyle

Monday, 11 July 2016: 14:15
Location: Hörsaal BIG 2 (Main Building)
Oral Presentation
Andrey E. ZUEV, Eutoexpo AG, Russia
For a long time the common and vocational education was an essential and integral component of a lifestyle  of youth in the former USSR. Similar position has been established by the state and in the conditions of a homogeneous society has been extended in all social groups. It was supported both objective requirements of society development, and the state actions, including measures of non-economic character.

During last years of existence of the USSR and during enough long time period after its disintegration the relation of youth to education has changed to the worst. On the one hand, it has been defined by deterioration of an economic situation, change of priorities of development, occurrence of new possibilities of young men for the statement of own position in a society and in the youth environment, in particular. In conditionsу of destruction of old economic system and formation of market relations it began possible to provide to itself steady financial and a social status, without leaning on educational base. On the other hand, the withdrawal of young men from an education system had also the protest character rejecting imposed from the outside.

The relation of young men to education has started to change again only after crisis of 1998 when the large part of noneconomic enrichment possibilities in the country has been settled. The real workplaces demanding knowledge and vocational training, have started to be formed, in this connection education has started to come back in structure of a lifestyle of youth, to become fashionable and prestigious.

The dynamics of change of the youth relation is shown in paper on the basis of the data of economic-sociological researches spent with participation of the author, and also on the basis of the analysis of the data of bodies of employment and vocational training.