A Study of Home for Aged in Kolhapur,India

Tuesday, 12 July 2016
Location: Arcade Courtyard (Main Building)
Bahubali PATIL, C.S.I.B.E.R, University Road, Kolhapur, India, India
India is passing through a wave of fast socio-economic development .The rapid urbanization has been associated with shortage of housing accommodation in the cities and the fact of high rent had affects on joint family. Industrialization, technological changes, urbanization affect on the life style and values of the people. Those cause for change in traditional respect, love and affection towards the aged. Majority of women are now educated and preferring job at various places. So they do not get time to take care of the aged members in the family. The living standard   pattern is also affecting the families.

Kolhapur city is situated at Southern part of Maharashtra, India. The great heritage of art and culture is associated with Kolhapur. The city is also well known for its Engineering Capabilities in the field of automobiles, oil engine etc. The city has its own big educational institutes in the fields of engineering, medical, pharmacy and management and university.

Being a prosperous upcoming urban center, Kolhapur is also experiencing the influence of urbanized life. As a result number of home for aged is observed to be increasing. In order to know the main causes for this growth, research study is taken up in 2 aged homes in Kolhapur city. From these home 40 respondents have been selected with the help of simple random sampling method.

The study throws up new dimensions relating to aged, family structure and the growth of home for aged.