Women in Modern Agricultural Families –Its Politico –Economic and Social Impact

Tuesday, 12 July 2016: 16:45
Location: Prominentenzimmer (Main Building)
Oral Presentation
Maitreyee BARDHAN ROY, Basanti Devi College, India
The post nineteen nineties globalization and liberalization  in India had  changed the position of rural women. Under the traditional social structure ,she had to  take up agricultural work as her profession .The Post globalization policy intervention  like   the 73rd amendment of the constitution (1992). Associated with it the Central Government Program on Swarna Jayanti Gram Rojgar Yojona (1997) and the policies on Women Empowerment (2001) offered enormous opportunities to the rural  women in involve in decision making  in the family and  the community  work  .Her active  involvement in politico-socio-economic work encouraged her to take important position in family as well as in community decision making .   Her participation in policy decisions as ensured through 73rd amendment Act has authorized her to actively involve in Agricultural activities too. Her  economic status was also ensured through micro finance program . The present paper trough empirical surveys will analyze the changing role of women in the village families. by  focusing her status as an earner , policy maker and as a social leader in the village environment