Globalized Agrarian Economy and Women Labour: Analysing Situations in Asia

Tuesday, 12 July 2016: 16:00-17:30
Location: Prominentenzimmer (Main Building)
RC40 Sociology of Agriculture and Food (host committee)

Language: English

This session aims to examine the situations that women agricultural labour face as a consequence of the introduction of globalisation in agriculture in Asia. Agriculture in Asian countries is quite different from that of Europe and Latin America. The majority of farmers have small and medium-sized farm holdings and produce for the family consumption. 
But with the introduction of the globalization process in agriculture, the situation has totally changed. Women`s labour force in agriculture faces several problems like availability of employment days, reduction of wage, deterioration of the working conditions, which has raised the question of human rights violation. The agrarian society of Asia is now passing through a critical stage, as localised protest movements launched by several farm labour women’s organisations show.
Session Organizers:
Bishnu Charan BARIK, SRTM University,Nanded-431 606,Mahareathra,INDIA, India and Subir Kumar BARDHAN ROY, Centre for Strategic Studies, India
"Identity Crisis in Rural Peasant: A Study of Villages Around Aurangabad City"
Dilip KHAIRNAR, Deogiri College,Aurangabad(M.S.), India; Arun CHAVAN, Vidyabharti College, Amravati, India
Nuakhai the Replica of FOOD Culture of Western Orissa Tribal People a Case Study